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Random Practice on Single Targets

Random practice, as opposed to blocked practice, requires the brain to retrieve skill circuits from your long-term memory. While you don’t get the feel-good of shooting the same target over and over 20 times, you’re training your brain to retrieve on the spot, which it will have to do on game day.

Random practice can be singles or pairs, but in our experience, not enough shooters shoot single targets in different breakpoints!

If you can break the first target in any breakpoint so that it makes the second target easy to see and get to, you can play the game more effectively.

When you break the first target of every pair, you will be 80 percent on the second. But if you miss the first target of a pair, you will be 20 percent on the second.

So you see, it really is a first target game. If you break the first bird on every pair, you are a whole lot closer to the 80s than if you missed the first bird.