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Your Gun Fit Leads to Better Sight Pictures

One conclusion I have come to about gun fit is that when it really does fit with light cheek pressure and shoots 50/50, all your sight pictures make sense. This makes them more consistent, as well as easier to visualize and predict.

Most shooters with off the shelf guns are shooting high left (for right-handers) and the opposite for lefties. And this is at 20 yards.

The deviation between line of sight and impact point is exponential at distance. This is why so many shooters fail at long crossers, especially if they’re curling.

It’s also why so many shooters see more lead on a left-to-right than on a right-to-left. Their gun shoots left so they have built in lead on a right-to-left target. But on a left-to-right, they must see more lead than necessary to hit the target.

When your sight pictures are reciprocal, learning accelerates and the result is consistency.