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A Busy End of the Year

November and December have been very busy for us, just as it’s been very busy all year. I think people just want to get out and feel normal again.

We added nine new clubs this year and they were all full with 10 students each day. We’re doing our 2022 schedule right now, so check and see when we will be close to you and come see us.

We started with the Advanced Diagnostics course in Sarasota, Florida for continuing education for NSCA instructors. So many people wanted a normal clinic that we came in two days early to do two full days of regular clinics. The Advanced Diagnostics clinic is for instructors to learn how to become better instructors. We help them solve their students’ problems faster and explain how to self-correct and learn from their mistakes.

Then we got home on Sunday night, and off to California on Thursday. Talk about going coast to coast!

Our clinic in California was at Moore N’ Moore Sporting Clays – and what a great facility it is. We had three full days and met a great staff and a lot of new faces. Thanks to Cory Moore for letting us come to his target-rich course. Each station had at least four traps on them, so it was a pleasure to teach on.

December brought our home Houston clinics, which were so booked that Gil and I had to help Brian out. The clinics in Houston are really starting to come around and have all been full.  People are coming from New York to Seattle for these clinics, so Brian is staying busy and is getting to be a very talented instructor. Gil has been staying busy with one or two gun fits a week when he’s here.

Christmas is rapidly coming. Andrea and Avery will be coming from Oregon the day after Christmas and staying a week, so the Ash clan will enjoy being together again. Weather permitting, we may even get a few days at the bay.