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Breaking Clays from California to Tennessee

April was a busy month. Our out-of-town clinics are really filling fast and “Gun-Fits-R-Us” is busy when we’re in town. Brian is working almost every day and his weekend clinics are all full. Plus, we got two days of fishing in!

We went back to Camanche Hills in California, which was our first time in two years thanks to Covid. It was great to see Joyce, Larry and Marshall, and once again we and our students had a great time shooting the three courses.

The hardest thing remains to get students’ heads away from the stock and really be able to see the target and give the brain a chance to make the calculations without interference. Once they do that, the targets slow down and the lead is very forgiving. They are shocked that it is so effortless.

We just returned from three days at Cross Creek Clays near Nashville. What a fabulous facility!  Melissa and her crew are so accommodating and made all of us feel like family. They are busy getting ready for the Southeast Regionals in a few months, and I have no doubt it will be the place to be in September. The variety of target presentations makes it a joy to teach students.

We had a lot of new faces. Eyes were opened by how easy our system is and how easy it is to implement in their game. Gil was really busy doing stock alterations – or at least what he could do without his tools.

Next is Kiowa Creek in Bennett, Colorado then Elk Creek in Owenton, Kentucky.

Don’t forget to listen to the April Coaching Hour podcast.  It was a very interesting discussion led by two students on what they learned when they saw us at Camanche Hills.