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Shooting Single Targets with Prediction

Shooters who practice more single targets moving the breakpoint and predicting how and where they will break the target and then executing their prediction gain a consistency in their game quicker than those who just shoot the course to try to shoot a good score.

In much the same way, skeet shooters who are more regimented in their approach to foot position on each station and hold points, breakpoints and visual pickup points seem to find a consistency to their game sooner than those who just shoot rounds and call it practice.

Another approach to skeet that has helped a lot of shooters is to look for and break the outgoing singles in a round where you will see them and shoot them on the doubles.

This approach seems to diminish the number of different hold points and visual pickup points in a round of skeet. Anything you can do to eliminate variables improves the efficiency of your game. In turn, this improves consistency by eliminating thought from your performances.

As OSP member Rick Carter said on a recent Coaching Hour podcast, “if you’re thinking, you’re stinking!”