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Shooting Without Thinking

The core purpose of our visual processing system is the prediction of what’s coming next. Vision, along with data, form our other senses that provide sequenced information to the central nervous system. This allows for a prediction of what’s coming next.

Eventually you must begin to understand that one aspect of skill is the ability to anticipate further and further ahead of where you are. In order for you to become more skillful, you to have a more detailed prediction of what you’re about to ask the brain to do. This takes the thinking out of the shot, which frees up working memory to simply follow instructions and focus on the target.

So, this could be called shooting without thinking. It’s where everyone wants to go. But few are detailed enough in their prediction and execution in practice to build their long- term knowledge deep enough so they can trust it when performing.

We’ve mentioned this before, but some things just need emphasizing more often than others.