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Where Do “Positive Sound-Alikes” Come From?

Committing to the shot you are about to take is the most important thing at the moment you enter the cage. A vivid movie of where and how you want the shot to come together is necessary for the brain to recall from long-term memory the circuit necessary to hit the target.

Most shooters have some idea of what they want to do to hit the target. But because their preload of the shot has very little detail of how and where they want the brain to bring the shot together, they end up calling “pull,” chasing the target down and trying to fix the shot at the end.

This would be where the “positive sound-alikes” come from!

Something we have learned about how our brains work is that they must be confused before the learning begins. Every skill begins with a failure. Most shooters are trying to avoid the failure by not seeing the barrel.

And what shooters don’t realize is if they would just let the barrel in and allow the brain to deal with it, everything fixes itself once you stop resisting.