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The Impact of Gun Fit and Visualization in Shooting

Gun fit and visualization are two critical aspects of successful shooting, as demonstrated in a recent clinic. The OSP system, with its emphasis on understanding individual shooter needs, proved its worth yet again.
One shooter in the clinic, using a Benelli over-and-under with 30” barrels, had an eye-opening experience with gun fit adjustments. After modifying his gun with shims to increase drop and cast off, he achieved what had been elusive: hitting a challenging 55–60-yard target that had previously been a bane for him.
This success story highlights a key aspect of the OSP system – preloading the sight picture and matching the speed of the target. By visualizing the shot and understanding the mechanics, the shooter was able to anticipate the break before even pulling the trigger. This approach demystifies shooting and makes it accessible and achievable, regardless of
the target’s difficulty or distance.
It also reinforces a fundamental truth in shotgunning: the right fit and the right mental approach can dramatically elevate a shooter’s game. It’s not just about the equipment; it’s about how the shooter interacts with the equipment. Tailoring the gun to the shooter’s physical dimensions and teaching them to visualize the shot are game-changers.
The OSP system is a blend of technical understanding and practical application, customized to each shooter’s needs. Whether it’s adjusting a gun’s fit or reprogramming the mental approach to a shot, the results speak for themselves. Shooters leave not only with improved skills but also with a deeper understanding of the art and science of shooting.