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Staying Calm Under Pressure

One trait stands out amongst successful competitors: the ability to stay calm under pressure.
This calmness fosters clear thinking and a focus on the process rather than just the outcome. The mental state referred to as being “process-oriented” evolves through trial and error, successes and failures, eventually leading to a mindset that allows for clear decision-making even in high-pressure situations.
When things are going well, it’s easy to stay relaxed and automatically work through the challenges. However, the true test comes when there’s a setback, like missing shots on a critical station. While it’s common to dwell on such failures, successful shooters learn from these moments and move on, leaving the misses behind. They maintain a calm, quiet mind, crucial for regaining focus and control.
Experienced shooters have learned to slow down their actions and thoughts, control their breathing, and accept past results to stay focused on the present. This approach is vital in maintaining consistent performance and improving skills under pressure.