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Turning Negatives into Positives

It’s a common human tendency to remember events more negatively than they actually were. This negativity bias affects our perception in various aspects of life, including clay shooting.
Surely you’ve experienced a day when everything in your game feels as chaotic as a soccer game with six-year-olds playing with three balls. The negative comments start flowing, both from others and within your own mind. “What happened to you today?” or “Your score sucks; you need to get some different chokes!” are common utterances you might hear.
Instead of dwelling on the negatives, try shifting your perspective. For instance, say to yourself, “I made some tactical errors that cost me some targets, but I learned a lot.” or “I was having a hard time seeing the targets, but I hit the ones I saw.” This shift in thinking is crucial. It’s about training your brain to remember events in a more positive light. After all, we become what we remember, and how you remember events is a choice.