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Developing Constants

A common mistake among shotgunners is to mount the gun, chase the target, and hastily correct the shot at the end – often followed by a string of frustrated exclamations. However, this approach ignores a crucial aspect of learning: embracing failure. Realizing that missing the target is an integral part of skill development is the first step towards improvement.
Self-correction starts with reducing variables and predicting the outcome of each shot. This methodical approach involves executing your prediction and learning from the outcome. It’s about improving the quality of your misses. Without a practiced, consistent approach, you’ll find yourself in the all-too-common trap of chasing the target with your barrel, leading to erratic and unpredictable results.
For instance, try this simple experiment: ask a friend to focus on a shotgun shell’s primer from a distance, then ask them three questions. You’ll notice their eyes shift as they think. This shift is akin to the disruption in focus that occurs when a shooter overthinks during a shot.
Developing constants in your shooting technique is essential for consistent results and self-diagnosis of your misses.