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You Need a Strategic Approach

I had a client from the Northwest who was advancing well by focusing on single targets, determining breakpoints, and testing her predictions.
However, her progress derailed after taking advice from an experienced shooter at a local club. He suggested she shift her focus to the second target more swiftly. Consequently, she shifted to practicing pairs, abandoning the single-target approach with predictions. Within just three weeks, her performance significantly deteriorated, leaving her distressed.
During a consultation, I posed a simple yet insightful question that helped her regain confidence. I asked, “If you can consistently hit the first bird at any point in its flight, wouldn’t you be able to choose a breakpoint that simplifies moving to and targeting the second bird?” Her realization that this was the true solution marked a turning point.
Looking beyond the apparent solutions can truly enhance one’s skills in shotgunning. Focusing solely on pairs without a strategic approach can lead to a decline in performance, as seen in this case. Instead, a balanced and well-thought-out practice regime, emphasizing both single and pair shots, is essential for consistent improvement and success in the sport.
Understanding the nuances of each shot, planning strategically, and practicing with a purpose are crucial. It’s not just about shooting; it’s about shooting smartly with a plan and an understanding of the dynamics involved in each shot.
This approach not only improves skills but also builds confidence, essential for any competitive sport. Sometimes, the key to improvement lies in challenging conventional practices and adopting a more thoughtful and analytical approach to the game.