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Finding Your Inconsistencies

Effective practice demands a higher level of engagement. You can’t cram for skill-building in shotgun shooting; it’s a gradual process that requires thoughtful and deliberate effort. A recent consultation with a master class shooter highlighted this point. Despite his high skill level, he struggled with certain targets. Our discussion revealed that his practice lacked specific elements, such as matching speed on all shots, maintaining a post-visual routine, and controlling his pace.
These elements are often overlooked but are crucial in refining your shooting technique. They represent the mechanical aspects that need to be practiced and perfected. The objective is to eliminate variables that create inconsistency in your shooting.
A coach can be invaluable in this process, guiding you to identify and eliminate these inconsistencies. Through their expertise, you can begin to self-correct effectively, paving the way for higher levels of performance and less mental clutter. Only after mastering these elements can you truly begin to focus on the mental aspect of the game.