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How Lethal Our System Is

You can never put the gun consistently further in front of the target than you are comfortable with. The reason you were able to do it in the first shot was because there was no expectation. You just looked at the target and let the gun go and it went out there and you pulled the trigger, and when the target blew up, you saw where it was.

One of the reasons our system is so lethal is we’re comfortable seeing the bird a long way behind the barrel. We’re already comfortable with the barrel way out there. And as we follow the bird to the barrel with our nose, as it comes to the right lead, our brain just moves the gun and matches the speed when the lead’s right. But being able to just put the gun way out there and accept it, and as one of our young students says, glue your nose to the target and match the speed.

To be able to put it way out there breaks down that barrier of having to get it far out there. Because we’re starting 30, 40 feet in front of the target and it closes to whatever your perception of that lead really is.