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Force Your Brain to Recall in Practice

If you’re not forcing your brain to recall, and put together different circuits, you’re not preparing for game day.

When you walk into a sporting station, you’ve never seen it before. You’ve seen things that are similar to it, but you’ve never seen it before. The working memory sees it, and hands it off to the long-term memory. The long-term memory puts the file together and hands it back off to the working memory. Okay, they’re both agreeing about what we’re going to do based on you said: “I’m going to challenge it right there.”

You’ve used a priming word, everybody’s in their lane. You call “pull” and break the target. It feels good. You break it three or four more times. Now you’re gonna have to move, and the more you can move and make your brain recall parts of different circuits, and bring them together as one circuit, the easier it will become in the future for the brain to recall.