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Force the Brain Out of its Comfort Zone

Most people practice in their short-term memory, but you’ve got to force the brain out of its comfort zone to put together a new circuit. The more you do that, the better it becomes at recall.

So, when you see a pair or a target you’ve never seen before, it can go to things that were similar, and put a file together and hand it off to the working memory and you got a better than average shot of hitting that bird. But nobody wants to practice out of their comfort zone.

If you’re not doing something that makes you a little bit scared every time you go practice, you’re not there. People don’t practice recall. They never get past the inside edge of their comfort zone.

Your brain’s ability to look at something, assess it, and find in the long-term memory things that were similar to that, and then your long-term memory’s ability to put things sequentially in order and hand it off to the working memory with a file that could possibly hit the target is bigger than you realize.