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Taking a Six-Week Break

When people shoot year-round and compete in winter tournaments in Florida and Arizona, somewhere between June 15th and July 15th, they hit a wall and plateau out and go down. It takes them until the end of August or middle of September to work their way out of it.

We were not aware of it until we actually did it ourselves. And I’m telling you, you create a slump for yourself because your brain actually gets tired of doing the processing. You lose the “want to” mentally and physically. So, it’s important that all of you at least take six weeks off.

Here’s the other thing that I’ll remind you to do. Somewhere during the middle of your shooting year, you need to take two weekends and a week off in between and put the gun down. Do something with your family, go fishing, or something else.

There are people who don’t think about clay target shooting for six weeks, but they might go quail hunting, or hunt dove or pheasant or duck. But your mind is completely off of clay target shooting. That’s the thing. Just remember to do that.