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From Hesitant to Depressed

When we go into the negative spiral, we begin neutral, but we become hesitant and doubtful due to hoping to shoot great today. The wrong brain is already in control.

From hesitant, you slip into the confused state because your brain is confused – this is not how you practiced. Your working memory is playing with the pieces it knows about and your subconscious is blocked. From confused, you go to frustrated because you’re not shooting well. Then you become angry because nothing is the way you had hoped it would be. And you end up being embarrassed and depressed.

The instant you become hesitant, you go conscious, and your performance brain is confused. And nothing good happens after that.

Your working memory, instead of doing what it was told to do where it was ordered to do it, has gotten involved in orchestrating and meddling the process. You have no access to the way you practiced. You do not have access to your subconscious brain, or the little movements your brain has been trained to do that happen below your consciousness.

The twitch moves allow for a subconscious smooth synchronization and matching up of the big muscles and the muzzle and the target without that huge stink. The twitch muscles allow for everything to instantly come into sync.

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