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The Power of Affirmation

If you hear it, you must instantly turn the phrase around and make it a positive affirmation for you. This will take some real work on your behalf. But after a week or so, it will turn into a fun game and after 25 to 30 days it will become a powerful habit that you can use to stay positive and focused on performance without distractions taking you out of the zone.

When being positive becomes a habit every day about everything you think say or do without having to think about it, it makes performance (especially in front of others) become easy, and something you look forward to.

In fact, when we do consultations, we are doing just that. We take what others see as insurmountable obstacles and turn them into mid-course corrections so that they’re seen as necessary obstacles that must be dealt with. And there’s no better time than now to face them and conquer them by turning what most would view as a negative situation into a learning situation to shore up what could turn into an emotional downward spiral.

Things that happen just are. They are neither good nor bad. But how you react to them determines whether in your mind and memory they are good or bad, positive or negative.

We’ve learned to ask performers to write down the phrases that their brains inject so that they can begin the task of coming up with and creating affirmations for each of the phrases their brains come up with. You got to know where you are to know how to get somewhere else.

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