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Sleep is a Commodity You Can’t Do Without

There’s a direct correlation between preparation and performance.

We can get by when we’re on the road with less-than-ideal nutrition or exercise. But we have to have sleep. Sleep is a commodity, and once you get behind on a four or five-day trip, you never get caught up.

Sometimes we have to be a little abrupt to people. People would like to go to dinner with us, but first they’d like to go back to the hotel and freshen up. I say “I’m as fresh as I’m going to be. If you’re going to go to dinner with me, we’re going to the restaurant right now, then we’re going to the hotel.” If you want to have dinner with us, we’re going to the restaurant right now.

We got to get off our feet by 7:30 or eight o’clock, so we can get in bed. That’s just something that we learned the hard way. Brian learned that the first time he was teaching with us at the Advance Class when he stayed up one night ‘til about 11 o’clock – he was dragging for the next three and a half days.

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