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All the “Be Sure”s

Positive soundalikes: they sound positive, but they’re a way for your brain to say, “Hang on, now, be careful. You’re down three. Be careful. Come on now, be sure now. Be sure you see the target. Be sure you’re in front of it. Be sure…”

All of those “be sures” and then up jumps the devil and you miss three pair on the next to the last station.

The brain doesn’t learn from lecture and conscious, intellectual reasoning. It learns from having been in the position and failing.

Once you’re in that position and fail, are you in control neurologically enough and emotionally enough to analyze the failure and put it behind you, and be committed on the next station to every shot you’re about to take? Have you practiced getting it back from missing two targets on the station? Have you practiced getting it back and running the next four stations?

That’s just as much about being able to be a great shot as learning how to break a 50-yard crosser five times in a row.