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The Sun Will Still Rise

The ability to take disappointment out of a situation is a full-time job for a coach. It also needs to be a full-time job for a competitor if they really want to be good.

Our brains will take the negative road in a heartbeat. You must train yours to say things in a way that remembers a negative situation in a more positive way, because we become what we remember. And the way you remember everything that happens to you is a choice!

Doing this must become a habit because you want this character trait to happen every time as a result of your conditioning. When something happens, you can’t think “how do I want to remember this?”

I remember the words of Mike Bouye when he really understood this performance principle. “Coach,” he said, “it doesn’t matter how bad I stink it up today. If I will just look to the east in the morning, the sun will still rise!”

But then Mike landed his plane in a farmer’s field after it had caught fire midflight. He got out of his plane safely and then went back to the burning plane to get his golf clubs… go figure!