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The “Win or Learn” Attitude

Things that happen to you just are. But how you remember them turns them into strong influences on who you will or can become. When you attach to the memory something positive that helped you to achieve this memory, it becomes more like you.

We are all products of our past and how we remember our past determines how we see things around us in the future. In turn, this motivates us to become the people we deep down want to be. It is not necessarily what happened, but how you remember it that is really important.

Here is where the “Win or Learn” attitude comes in. We have a 3:1 negative bias on how we remember things. So left to your own way of remembering things, you have a high likelihood of remembering your past as negative.

Building a habit of seeing the good in everything that happens allows you to be more likely to see the good in all that happens around you.

“While I did not score as well today as I had hoped, I made a lot of shooters take their game to a much higher level than they ever have.”