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Small Muscle, Big Muscle

The ideal way for the brain to move the body is small muscle, big muscle. And when I’m moving, as I call or I’m moving before I call, it’s so much easier for me to get everything synced up.

Because my hands are moving, if the small muscles are moving before you see the bird, the trunk muscles are in perfect synchronization because they’re already getting movement data input from the brain. So, the trunk muscles are in perfect sync.

We’ve taken shooters who are doing a challenge move, and they’re doing really well with it. It’s amazing how quickly the shooters pick it up once they quit looking at the barrel in the setup.

But then we have them hold the gun steady, and call “pull”. And without fail, they’re out of sync in their trunk. The trunk muscles move first, they jump and they flinch and they’re out of sync.

So, the next time you’re out, try it.