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How Much Detail in Your Routine?

How detailed should your routine be once you’re in the station? 

There are several levels of detail that we can discuss, depending on whether you’re in a tournament or whether you’re in a practice session, or whether you’re just watching clay target kill shot reviews and visualizing.

I know that when we are practicing, which isn’t very often, we are perhaps a lot more detailed in what we want our brains to do and how we want our brains to react than we would be if we were shooting a tournament.

In practice, you can afford to be a little bit more detailed because you want to be clear to the brain exactly how you want it to execute a shot like that.

But if you’re practicing correctly, when you’re in a tournament, you’re not nearly as detailed about the mechanics of foot position, hold point, breakpoint, all that mechanical stuff.

Hopefully you’ve used the priming words enough to where you just say “I’m gonna do this on that one right there. And then I’m gonna do this on that one right there.”