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Importance of the Preload

When expectation is equal to your ability, great things happen! That would be where confidence comes from. The predecessor of confidence is competence. These things are why the preload is so important, especially in practice. That is where it starts, and when it's there on every shot in practice, eventually...

Ben Avery 2014

What another great four days at Ben Avery Shooting Sports in Phoenix, Arizona. The weather was perfect—a little cool in the mornings and thank goodness for the overcast skies in the afternoons. We had 38 out of 40 slots full and 11 students came for two days....

Zone Experiences

Just wanted to add to all of your thought processes these comments we received from Jeff after we talked about his zone experiences on the Coaching Hour: Hey Gil, I’ve been considering the recent conversations we’ve had on “systems” and how different shooters actually perceive what they’re...