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ShotKam II HD

We will be shooting many more clay kill shot videos and making trajectory specific Kill Shot Reviews as soon as we get our new HD ShotKam. We will be doing some target-specific shots at measured different distances, so get ready to really see what it looks like...


Your expectation of doing it once and "getting it" continues to put shooters in the situation of "getting in their own way." Most shooters wait until they get it right. But the pros do it until they can't get it wrong. There are a lot of shells...

“A-ha” Moment

The Subconscious Takes Over Here's a comment from a student who finally realized this is not a gun/cartridge/glasses/lead game, but a brain game. He describes his "a-ha" moment when he made this discovery: Gil, As you already know, several moments could be classified as "a-ha" moments. However, I...